[time]sharing is caring.

my death will be attributed to ‘idealism’. of the many uncertainties in my life, I can guarantee that one. and that’s fine, there are worse ways to go.

but I have a lot of things, of plans and of thoughts that I can see working.

[take this project, for example… ahem.]

but this recent one seems to make perfect sense.

as I walked in and out of the gorgeous neighborhood of San Telmo, Buenos Aries, I couldn’t help but stop, light a cigarette and look up to the numerous vacant balconies. I live for balconies and in a place like Argentina, so much life happens directly below a balcony. I went broke by refusing to stay in a place – no matter how small, dirty and/or cheap, unless it had a balcony. I have a thing for balconies.


lots of places up for sale and rent in B.A. – the market took a nosedive a few years back and what were previously guaranteed return on investments suddenly became burdens. meaning gorgeous places – much like the ones you see her – went hungry.

and so I walked some more and began inquiring to the average price for a 1 bedroom place, with a balcony, in San Telmo.

$1000. which seems about right. you can get a decent place anywhere in the world for a grand. Paris. Berlin. Hawaii. Morocco. etc.

and then I got thinking. thinking about the ridiculous amount of emails I had gotten in B.A. from people who had been/lived in B.A. – ‘I want to go back so bad’ seemed to be the reoccurring thing.

and then I got thinking some more.

why couldn’t we all get back here. once a year. in a place a select few of us called our own?

10 people = $100 a month.

10 people = 1.2 months a year in the place.

no renting it out for others, just our own, with a maid who comes once a week to dust.

I threw this idea out to a few folks – and everyone seemed keen.

so why wouldn’t it work?

why aren’t we doing this in Paris, Berlin, Hawaii and/or Morocco?

I have no money and could afford $100 a month.

talk me through this… why aren’t people doing this more often?

I’m confused.

and a little excited…