this is it. here we go. and other things you say whilst holding your breath.

see that? that’s my bank account right there. that’s all the money I got. in the whole world. no other accounts. no credit cards. no trust fund. nothin’. that’s it. even as I sit here in the most beautiful of all places – Buenos Aires, I’m asking friends for where to buy snacks, as I can’t even afford to sit down for a proper meal anymore. I did last night – treated myself, but that was it. there’ve been a lot of jamon con queso sandwiches lately and that’s okay. this isn’t a post about ‘look at how much money I don’t have’, but it is an admittance to the fact that I’m worried. that money has to last for a few more weeks and then hopefully, the few smalltime writing gigs I have will have remembered to pay me so I can at least eat. they seem to forget a lot. not NatGeo, but the other ones. so yeah, I need to make this site work and if you’re reading this, then that means you’re helping me. and I can’t thank you enough for that. and in times like these, I remind myself of something that I always remind myself of when I find myself in a strange new city, with not much money left in my pocket – something you’ll find that happens quite often.

having too much money for an adventure doesn’t exactly make it an adventure, does it?

wish me luck. and thanks again. I mean that.


two hours after posting this, I get an email from one of the ladies at National Geographic. ‘congrats on making the HP!’

I emailed back saying ‘thanks. but what’s a HP?’

turns out that’s short for home page. and her congrats were about my 2nd story for them… being so popular that it made their home page. National Geographic’s home page. with my article on it. National effing Geographic. 

… life sure can be funny sometimes.