the shanghai show – pilot

4 years ago, I had the idea to make a weekly program called, simply, ‘the shanghai show’. I had never really produced anything of this size, but with a free studio, willing guests and a bitching scooter, I made the pilot, and people started talking about it. I liked that. sadly, a large number of my hard drives were taken when the police broke into my apartment [buy the book – it’s a good read], so all I’m left with is a lot of small .mp4’s that were meant to go on an iPod. sorry about that. after this show, I would decide to break it up into little daily movies, as the production time on this took ages. I’ll start releasing those soon as well. here’s how the pilot breaks down:

1. intro, with fashionista Vivian Shen.

2. a look at Shanghai’s famed Bund.

3. ‘ayi’s kitchen’ – my maid explains the most well-known Shanghainese cuisine.

4. shanghainese 101 – an explanation to the strange dialect and how to say ‘hello’.

5.  ‘the teal terror’ – we strap a camera to the front of my moped and drive through an old neighborhood.

6.  [end]