the old [shanghai] apartment

this is more for me than you… me and my old neighbor, Scott.

if you go to Shanghai’s Tai Kang Lu area now, you’ll find this building to have been raped right into a karaoke mecca. but it didn’t use to be like that. no, back in the day, this old knitting factory was full of boutique artisans – 5 floors of them – and a funky couple of kids on the roof. that was us. we could be as loud as we wanted, drink as much beer as we wanted, eat as many chemicals as we wanted, watch as many sunrises from the roof as we wanted – and nobody cared. there are a thousand memories that come to mind simply from re-watching this – the nights spent out of the deck, the cold winters spent holed up inside.

these would also be the doors the police kicked in, that would be the stuff they ruined. I’d never get back – for that very reason – and I never really wanted to… until I found this laughingly bad-res video that was filmed on an old phone.

for my neighbor.
for a striped dress and for the lawn chairs.
and the Blade Runner themed party that never happened.
for the bbq’s and the $30 Jim Beam.
the custom table and hookah we had to bribe the Turkish to help us fill.
for the smog and McDonald’s delivery.
for the fucking memories, my god.

this was us – way back when.