the f-word. and stuff like that.

dear mom.

dear nephew.

I didn’t know if I was going to tell you about this new site or not – but with all the happenings with the recent National Geographic stuff, it looks as if it’ll be hard to stay hidden.

when I first started this, I was all about the ‘raw’ and the ‘grit’ – the real life on the road and stuff… meaning I was quite verbal about some things you all probably don’t want to read or hear. drugs, bad words and stuff.

so I went back and cleaned up what I could, but also left a lot of it in.

you can see there on the main page, I had ‘the f-word’ crossed out, as I’m working hard at not using it anymore.

per the drugs, I kept all of that in ’cause I thought it was important. and this won’t work if I can’t be honest in my writings.

so – from now on, the bad words will be used only if they really need to be, and I’ll try and give you a heads-up for the stuff you don’t want or need to.

if that makes sense.

hope this makes you [both] proud, I worked really hard at it.

I love you. both of you.