the balkans [plus hungary and austria]

Screen shot 2013-10-16 at 12.16.49 PM

this was some of the hardest riding I’d done since the Camino back in December, which is why I didn’t pull my camera out much.this batch¬†includes Macedonia [nice little place], Albania [I hated every part of it except for the meatballs], Montenegro [stunning and expensive], Croatia [only Dubrovnik, which has since whored itself out]… hang on – I sound bitter. I wasn’t [save for Albania], it was just some tough riding. and it got better. from there it was to Bosnia & Herzegovina [I cannot tell you how in love I fell with Sarajevo… my god. fantastic] and from there it was to Belgrade, Serbia [to pay homage to another master], then to Budapest [still one of my top 5 European cities] and up to Slovakia [only a few days in the capital] and then onto Vienna [adored, as usual].