street snacks – rico mote con huesillos [chile]

so, Santiago turned out to be the most boring city ever.

which surprised me, anyone else who had been there [and concurred] and probably yourself.

doesn’t the name sound like a happening vibrant town?

yeah… no.

even the ‘free tour’ I took was worth about the cost.

but the reason I tipped [okay, I would have anyway, this American guilt], was the above. in the midst of the heat and another important building, we stopped at a little cart on the side of the road.

the one you see above.

‘it’s mote con huesillos’ our guide said ‘a traditional summer drink for Chileans.’

a mix of: dried peaches [ossicles] and caramel – dumped on a a wheat-like cereal.

delish, I tell ya. delish.