street snacks – k’alaphurka [bolivia]

brother, I love me some soup. in fact, in finding this photo, I ran into about 10 other street snacks that I hadn’t written about yet – a large majority of them being soup. I love soup… and they do a good soup down here in South America.

that was all said to say this:

what you’re looking at is the best soup I ever had. to the point where I walked out and down a few blocks before turning right around and ordering a second one. by that time, it had all sold out [no tourists – all locals] and I was sad. because it was the perfect soup.

when I first heard about this – Volcano Rock Soup – I did think it to be something for the gringos. like snake blood in Thailand or what have you. but – loving soup as much as I do, I made the trek to the outskirts of Potosi, Bolivia to try it.

a waiter brings over what you’re seeing now, but cold. he tells you to wait and disappears into the kitchen, coming right back out with a smoldering rock held with tongs. you’re asked to scoot back in your seat and he drops it in. the soup immediately comes to a boil and smells of all things good and delicious.

and tastes even better.

inside the lava is chicharron [fried pork] and k’alaphurka – a yellow hearty soup. some corn is thrown in, a few more spices, a handful of pork crackling and there you go.

served with a dark brown beer.

and the best part? it’s for breakfast.

it meant so much to me, I even got you the business card, should you ever be in the area… and by ‘area’, I mean within 200 miles.