street snacks – jamon sandwiches [bolivia]

this isn’t so much a snack tip, per se, but a tip on snacks.

Bolivia – as mentioned – has great snacks. some of the best.

and in the same market where I stuffed myself with the daily chorizo was a jamon sandwich stand.

fresh bread, good jamon, veggies from the same market and a plethora of condiments.

but no cheese.

I didn’t understand this. is a jamon e queso so different from jamon solamente?

apparently so – no cheese.

but I found the cheese lady a few shops down.

and for $0.20, she’d cut up the local stuff [think a mix between a mild chedder and feta] and complete the add on.

so – should you find yourself in Bolivia, and in need/want of a good sandwich, know you’ll have to go to two places to complete the order.

but at $1.20, it’s kind of/sort of worth it.