street snacks – choripan [argentina]

of all the things I like sharing on this site, this one took the longest to post. a lot of it had to do with it being in Buenos Aires, a town that [as you can read in the post below] grabbed me – like it does so many – and made marks as I tried to go. but this place… this place was special for many a reason:

1. the steaks aren’t as cheap as people say they are. they’re cheap, but not $3 cheap. and I was running out of money.

2. the couple who introduced me to this place also was hesitant, so didn’t give me the address, they gave me the area – to see if I had the chops. little did they know I only have chops for snacks.

3. like I do with so many spots, I revisited here almost daily. for a week.

… now, you might be asking what amazing concoction this hole-in-the-wall [literally] served up. what numerous spices and love and training went into the dish?

very little.

it was chorizo. in bread. with a spoonful of salsa verde.

but it was the best chorizo. in bread. with a spoonful of salsa verde I ever had.

and if you ever get to Buenos Aires, I will – in turn – give you the general area…

to see if you too got the chops.