snacks – tim tam’s [australia]

lemme tell you something about Tim Tams:

they’re delicious.

a common comparison – to the untrained palate – would be to Keebler’s Fudge Crackers, but that’s wrong. it’s so, so wrong. I’m not even going to link to those, because it’s wrong.

what Tim Tams are are delicious. they’re malted [not only graham] crackers [called ‘biscuits’ in Australia, but that’s stupid], with chocolate filling and then – at the very end of the process, covered once more in chocolate.

but that’s a lot like every other cookie treat we have in America, you might say. and you’re right. we are America. and we do have everything. and we’ll also take whatever you do and do it 33% bigger/better/faster. so I’m sure you can find a more better treat out there.

but here’s where Tim Tams win.

The Tim Tam Slam. and I hate capitalizing shit. so that should tell you something.

what is The Slam?

I feel the need to show you. to embed a video I didn’t take.

[although, now that I’m writing, I should’ve. but I didn’t. because I ate all of these the first day. they were mailed to me by Taryn. thanks, Taryn.]

people get ready.

it’s Natalie Imbruglia with a snack. oh my.

YouTube Preview Image