snacks – estancia del puerto [montevideo, uruguay]

I’m not going to fib and convince you I got ‘the plate’ when I was here. Uruguay was at the very end of my trip – a good one, but one that wore me out – and I was left with as much energy as I was money. but a pal suggested I at least visit here to witness ‘the  cook’ in front of a 12′ long grill – work his magic. this is he. all I could scrape together was enough for a chorizo sandwich, but you’ve already heard enough about those. Anthony Bourdain could afford to eat ‘the plate’, [two of them, in fact] and it’s worth a watch just to see everything that comes on it. and that’s what comes on it – everything. all for the low-low price of $80. but it was a marvel to behold, the steaks, pork, chicken, gizzards, peppers, sausages, rump roasts – all perfectly cooked by this man. so if you ever find yourself in Montevideo [pronounced Mon-te-vi-day-o, not Mon-te-vid-ee-o], promenade over to the main market. even if you’re broke.