seattle drinkin’ holes

a few months ago, I spent 10 days up in Seattle on a project. while I was there, I got to meet up with some old friends who offered to take me to their favorite booze shacks – and lemme tell ya, Seattle’s got a few… and what I love the most is that there are no clubs in town – it’s a beer-lovin’, cocktail-serious spot… alongside some quirks that could only make up the pacific northwest. I was able to cure my love of Mac n’ Jacks [to date, the best beer I’ve ever had] with the new kid on the block Mannie’s, as well as discover much more than just flannel and fixed gear groups. although there was a lot of flannel and fixed gear groups. if you’re ever in the area, download the app I produced and lemme know how it treated ya.

[bars mentioned in this video will be listed below]

Pacific Inn Pub / Tavern Law / Unicorn

Zig Zag Cafe / King’s Hardware / Linda’s Tavern