omkos – five

my god. we were kids. even without the obvious hurt that fills revisiting this show, it’s almost cringe-worthy – our youth. our need to impress. but in between the showmanship was fun. our dichotomy rings louder than our arrogance. I miss him. and I miss his laugh. and I miss his Parisian humor. as hard as it is to open these archives back up, the joy of having him around forever makes it shine. we were kids. 

‘I want to start with Sudan.’

1. Abdel Gadir Salim – ‘Almayrood’

‘there’s nothing cooler than synthapop.’

2. The Knife – ‘Heartbeats’

‘you stand by the fact that hip-hop sounds better in French.’

3. PM – ‘Le Petit Chef’

‘I thought – up until a few years ago – these guys were black.’

4. 10cc – ‘Dreadlock Holiday’

‘it’s almost like we’re nuns in a convent getting our periods!’

5. Rico Rodriguez – ‘Africa’

‘they have one album called ‘Gimme Fiction’, right?’

6. Spoon – ‘Anything You Want’

‘I can feel some tension today, Aric.’

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