o.p.p. [an explanation]

not so long ago, a friend of mine and I journeyed to philadelphia. it was raining real hard when we walked outside, a nasty rain that only seems to happen in this area of the world – that grey, rude rain. we found shelter around the corner from where we were in this seemingly-tiny little shop. they weren’t yet open [as you can see from the mean gate – and you can’t blame ’em, this is south philly] but seeing us standing outside looking wet and miserable, the nice man let us in early. we dried off and walked around, realizing this was a much bigger place than we had thought. the nice man put on BladeRunner and I decided I liked him very much. my friend went looking for books and I began thumbing through some old postcards. emphasis on old. some date back to almost the 1800s. a few hours later, I forced myself to stop after purchasing 23 of them. he only charged me for 20, which was a swell thing to do. they were going to be a great gift for my mom – moms love stuff like that. postcards and old handwriting and what not, but after giving them to her and seeing how much she liked them [told you], I decided to be a complete prick and secretly scan them for you as well. I don’t think she’ll mind, she’s a nice lady. I hope you like them – not to give anything away, but there are some doozies! I say doozies ’cause I just got done re-reading them and some of the language is just fantastic. swell even. so I hope you like them. feel free to right-click + save and share all you want. mom won’t mind. I don’t think.