there is really no exact point of this post – except that I’ve been slack in writing.

as many of you could tell, this site [and my blog] got hacked a few weeks ago. we’ve been frantically trying to fix it, but with me being in LA, OK and now NYC, it’s been hard to find time to sit down and make the calls – calls to very smart people who are [once again] helping me out of a bind. it’s almost fixed, the audio players ain’t playin’, but you can still download the shows.

what else – well, my sister got engaged to one of my best friends. more on that in a bit. another friend got married and I shot a little video for him. you may or may not care about that – I’m just riffing here.

and – oh yeah – National Geographic called. they actually called a few months back, while I was down to $300 in Buenos Aires, which made me chuckle a bit. but now it’s official, and I leave for a 6-week trip on Monday. crazy, ain’t it? it makes me chuckle even more. this is it – as high as you can go. getting a call from them. to be one of their travelers. hope you follow the adventure, as it’s shaping up to be one.

what else, what else – oh yeah, soon [as in, within the next month], I think I’m going to make this site free. I’m all about doing things backwards, you see. a week ago, I lost a writing gig – one that accounted for 1/2 of my little income per month. but then – a day later – I sat around a pals house and watched she and a few others toast a friend of theirs that had been taken from them too early. and that got me thinking – what the fuck am I doing, charging people to see my stuff? yes – it’s to pay for it’s building, for which I am still paying for. but that’s no way to go about life. and just ’cause some person, some kid, has no money, they shouldn’t be kept from seeing my lucky life. so yeah – I’ll email you all about that, but it feels like the right thing to do.

I’m tired. I’m exhausted. a good exhausted, but still. have you ever been to NYC? oh man – you should. but don’t plan on getting a lot of work done here. no sir-ee. you get NYC done. and NYC does you. but get your homework done first.

that’s it, I think. things are back to almost normal, so have a look around. more vids, photos and writings on the way – podcasts when everything is fixed.

are you liking this? I hope you’re liking this. I’ll like it a whole lot more when it’s free.