new this week – may 17th

oh, I’ve been naughty about not updating this section. apologies. being on the road for National Geographic [didn’t know if you’d heard or not… ahem] has been nuts – but that’s no excuse.

here’s what’s been posted since the hacking, which is turning into an interesting story in itself:


snacks [los angeles] – admittedly, I’m not a huge el lay fan, but my gosh… the snacks are amazing. I visit my top 3.

the best pisco sour I ‘ever had – the above got me in a delicious mood, so I posted my favorite bartender in Peru making the most famous cocktail in Peru. and then proceeded to have 4.

eastern state penitentiary Рhands-down, the best place to visit in all of America. I kid not. been there 7 times now. haunted.

the shanghai [exile] diaries [part two and three] – we head North of Bangkok to Sukothai and then Chiang Mai.

bolivian mines – they start at 13, they die before 40. we take a tour of the wet, dirty and cursed mines of Potosi.


tracks 4 – five more songs you need to hear… at least I think so.

rough sundays 4 [from mississippi] – some proper gospel, Delta blues and even some Brazilian thrown in.

tracks 5 [must have albums] – we review my favorite 3 albums of this past trip to South America.

[note: an amazing Chilean show is being edited as we speak – look for that soon]


o.p.p. 1o – such humor! and from the late 50’s!

ecuador ’12 – my least favorite country in all of south america. but gorgeous in a drab filtered photo.

o.p.p. 11 – one of my favorites in this collection.

seattle ’11 [iPhone] – this city caught me by surprise. and it won’t be my last time back. love their food, beer.

o.p.p. 12 – ah, the joys of one’s first cable car ride in San Francisco. in the 60’s.

western australia ’11 – way out there. dull. but it’s where the wine comes from.

o.p.p. 13 – who knew cereal would make such a great postcard?

peru ’12 – magic. soulful. hard to explain, but I tried.

and… writings.

snacks [montevideo] – I couldn’t afford the meat platter. nor could I have finished it.

newsboy – I feel like we don’t talk much anymore.

snacks [Tim Tam’s] – best. cookie. ever. and look what those Aussies do with it!

… so that’s it. I’ll try to be more diligent about this in the future.

massive news coming your way very, very soon.

stick close.

I love you.