new this week – March 5th

well, wow. this will be a big one. but we couldn’t exactly talk you into joining with just a few things up, could we?

here’s what you got:


Times Square… from my Vespa – we went to the most over-touristy crowded annoying spot in NYC so you don’t have to.

The Great Mayan Road Trip Adventure Journey Experience – I rented a Jeep in the Yucatan to spend a few days visiting the ruins. I’d get lost. I’d get some snacks. I’d have to pay a lot of money to a few dodgy policemen. and I’d get Chichen Itza all to myself.

The Shanghai Show – Pilot Episode – back in the day, I had this amazing idea to – once a week – have a show highlighting the city that I called home for 4 years. in this one, we look at The Bund, my maid explains local cuisine, an introduction to Shanghainese – the local dialect and I tape a camera to my moped and through an old decaying neighborhood.

Seattle Drinkin’ Holes – while producing a project on this quirky city, I asked 3 pals of mine to take me to their favorite spots… and share a few of my own.

A Walk Through Old Havana – that’s it. I turned the camera out, walked out of my apartment and around the neighborhood I stayed in for a few weeks.

Birth of The Hamburger – we visit the place where it all started… in Connecticut.

An Ecuadorian Enema – exactly what it says. I get one. and film it. [viewer discretion is advised]

A Guide to Western Australia – last year, I spent a few weeks taking in Perth, Rottnest Island, and the vineyards of Margaret River in a campervan.

The Ayahuasca Adventure – having been obsessed with finding this sacred plant ever since reading The Yage Letters [highly recommended], I journeyed to the North of Peru to find a well-known shaman, and have a private ceremony with him. what I could film, I did. there was also a microphone running the entire 4 hours.

– The Shanghai [Exile] Diaries – Trailer and Part 01 – Bangkok – having gotten myself in trouble with the Chinese Government, I hid in SE Asia, India and Nepal for 6 months. and filmed a large portion of it. [note: original series was shown on Current TV.]

– How I Was The First Up On Machu Picchu for 2012 – don’t know if I’d mentioned that before or not? my first piece for National Geographic? here’s exactly how to do it. from a guy who walked around for 2 days with a ridiculous GoPro camera on his head.

– A Good Day In: Austin – [my new favorite series to produce]. we show you exactly how to have the perfect Sunday in the 512. food, drinks, music, snacks, vinyl, graffiti, cupcakes, tattoos and drinks.

– Down The Bolivian Death Road… On A Mountain Bike – 200-300 death a year on average. scary. and I took a mountain bike down it.


okay, this has the possibility of being a long entry, so let’s truncate.

you got 5 different kinds of shows.

AQueenAndCountry – I walk around with a mic, recording local musicians, buskers and more. or I find someone who can speak English and have them play me their favorite tracks. so far, we have Austin, Mexico, Cuba, Colombia, and Peru. [note: the Mexico show wasn’t all about local music. nor was Austin, for that matter. but after experiencing the magic of Cuba, I decided to make this program for local music only… and then for just regular good songs, start the show below.

Tracks – easy. fun. 5 songs you might not have heard before. or want to hear again. my taste is impeccable. shows one, two and three.

Rough Sundays [re-release] – old gospel. blues. and more. so far, we have the pilot showepisode 1 and two.

O.M.K.O.S. – I battled with re-releasing this old shows, as they were done with a Brother who left us a few years ago. but I know he would have wanted me to, so I did. listen to the pilot episode. more coming soon.

and then you have the Specials – interviews, etc. first show is me sitting down with San Pedro’s most famous inmate, Daniel Foley.


before I had this idea for a website, my original plan was just to sell them for $5 each. but now they’re free. download them, print them out, use them for whatever… all rights are waived if you’re a member.



Mexico [The Mayan Ruins Road Trip]


Vietnam [Saigon]

Cuba [Havana]

– and in between of them, you have O.P.P. [short for Other People’s Postcards. found them in this old antique shop in Philly, bought loads. all of them handwritten, some dating back to 1909.]


there’s a lot. I like to write. here are some highlights:


– I love Otis Redding most. I love snacks second most. everywhere I go, I snack. and I take a photo. and I write about it. I love snacks.

an interview with Augustine, the antiquated owner of a music-obsessed bar in Colombia.

– travel tips… the ones I didn’t hand over to NatGeo.

The Yage Emails – I write to my Ginsberg [Adam Cohn] and he writes back to his Burroughs [me]. it starts out about finding this plant, but deals with a lot of other stuff. as of now, we have 7 or 8 letters posted. there are more.

my addiction to coca tea.

the loneliness of the road. it’s happened a lot this trip.

– how to go about bathing properly in the Ecuadorian town of Banos.

– getting into a fight in Peru. ending up in the police station in Peru.

– what it was like seeing my name under that golden border of National Geographic for the first time.

– Route 36 – finding the hidden cocaine bar in La Paz.

trying to break into a prison.

– being broke… again.

… and a whole lot more.

go get ’em.

and thank you.