new this week – March 26th

shame on me.

I’ve been uploading stuff, but not keeping up with this.

and now it looks like I’ve been slacking.

I haven’t – promise.

and am now back Stateside, so things will be a bit more normal… for now.

here’s what’s new:


– ‘the f-word. and stuff like that’ – the terrifying realization that some people might be looking up to me.

‘restless. and need rest’ – 5 months on the road was too long. way too long.

‘street snacks – rico mote con huesillos – peaches. caramel. cereal. Chile. done.

‘the stretchers’ – can’t tell who I hate more. them, or the cheaps.

‘street snacks – jamon sandwiches’ – not so much a tip, but a suggestion. [I love snacks.]

‘the aires of buenos’ – being raised a grandchild of the Beat Generation sometimes leads to drunken¬†spontaneous¬†prose. in cabs.


o.m.k.o.s. 4 – far too special to try to put into words. the late DJ Flanuer shall continue to live on. for as long as I do.

rough sundays 3 [from the Florida Keys] – more gospel. more Motown. more Otis.


o.p.p. 7 – from 1957!

n.y.c. [iphone] [series 1] – it took me a long, long time to admit that photos from a phone were worthy. but they are.

o.p.p. 8 – New York City. and the nicest penmanship you’ve ever seen.

colombia ’11 – from the mean streets of Bogota to the Caribbean coast. down to the border and a lot more.



kauai road trip – took a day with my superfamouspal Shira to some of the best spots on the island a few years back.

Huza’s beer review – the quirkiest guy in Shanghai allows me into his life. part one – beer.

good eatin’ – Valparaiso – one of the highlights of my trip, this town/guesthouse. but many make many a culinary mistake. here’s how not to.


… and there you go.

more next week.

[and thanks.]