new this week – april 06th

hello from Tulsa, Oklahoma.

here’s what we got happenin’ this week:


[not as many as I would have liked to have penned, but so much of that has to do with the little guy you see below – my darling nephew. gosh, he turns me to mush]

street snacks [choripan]: forget about what they say regarding the steak in Argentina. I spent half-a-day finding this spot, then the next 10 days revisiting it.

[time] sharing is caring: a studio apartment in Buenos Aires runs $1000 a month. in Paris and Berlin as well. so why aren’t we all paying $100 each for 1.2 months of it a year?


aqueenandcountry – show 6 [bolivia]: want to be able to talk¬†intelligently¬†about Bolivian music? so do I. but that didn’t stop me from asking around the country to who I should be listening to. [and Bolivian Gypsy, for the record, is fantastic.]


– h.m.s. absurdidy.’s maiden voyage – not so long ago I bought a sailboat. without knowing how to sail it. this is how that first [mis] adventure went.

snacks [l.a.] – snacks are very important to me. here are the best in Los Angeles.


o.p.p. 9 – dig the colorization. dig the 1909 writing. dig the 1 cent stamp.

israel ’10 – only a handful of shots from the Old City, but with places this moving, that’s sometimes all you need.

… and that’s it. much more on the way next week!