interview – daniel foley [san pedro’s most famous inmate]

as mentioned in the previous article, I tried for two straight weeks to bribe my way into San Pedro prison… to no avail. but during the course of those attempts, my closest friend in La Paz is the man pictured above – Daniel Foley. for someone who once swallowed over a kilo of heroine, spent 4 years in the prison behind us and dodged constant murder attempts on his own head, you wouldn’t expect a gentle giant – someone who gave me a massive hug each time we met, a family man – doing whatever he has to to provide, and a brutally honest figure… but that’s him. incredibly candid about his time in the world’s most bizarre penitentiaries, we sat down in the plaza located right across from the prison [much to the chagrin to the police officers in the area, who would question us after we were finished], and I asked him about life inside, people killing for a gram of freebase, the tours he began [and would subsequently get re-arrested for again], living with drug cartels and Coca-Cola owning all rights to distribution inside.

should you ever find yourself in La Paz, or Bolivia for that matter. make a trip to the plaza, look for him and give him a few dollars to hear more of his stories.

fascinating guy.

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