an email to a friend [part two] re: snacks in Paris


in the second email to a pal [first one re: drinks], I share my Paris snack spots.

I hope someday, you can try them as well.


[email begins]


what to eat:

macarons: Laduree off of the Champ Elysees. hands-down. might be a line, but you have to try [pistachio being the best.]

ice cream: okay – this is a must. right behind the Notre Dame and over the bridge, you’ll find this place – Le Flore en I’lle. amazing for sitting and people watching, but even more amazing for their ice cream. now, don’t order anything fancy, just a few scoops of vanilla, an espresso and a few chocolate truffles [see photo above]. you’ll die. I die. I’m dying while writing this. 

croissants: best thing you’ll ever eat. so simple, but so amazing. [let me know where you’re staying and I can tell you the best places in the area]

foie gras: Comptoir de la Gastronomie. the best – hands down. near the Lourve.

cheese: you all seem like you know good cheese and in Paris, the choices are infinite, but… you have to, at least once, go for a few faves: 1] ask any cheesemaker for a ‘double creme’ – something foul, stinky, terrible. pair this with a nice rouquefort and something mild [even a brie or something light] and you’re in business.

with the above cheese, you have to grab a jar of rillette. the cheese shop should have plenty. some of this, some grapes, a fresh baguette and a bottle of rose and find a park. so jealous.

cassoulet – this is a funny one. with all of the things you have to eat, I’d buy some in one of these tins and bring it home. surprisingly good, and gets the nod from even the most pretentious of Parisians. you can find them anywhere.

crepes you can find anywhere… but if you want to be very, very local, find a place that does galettes. hard to say where in Paris, as it’s a Normandy dish. but if you do, order it with ham/cheese, pair with a proper cider and you’ll be so happy.

now… my favorite thing. the reason I always put on weight in France… saucisson. [sorry for all of the wiki links] best thing ever. find a butcher, ask for his saucisson especial. stay between the 4 and 6 Euro range and you’ll be good. look for a dark red, less fat [still need some] and smell. they’ll let you sample it before you buy. put on a baguette with cheese or just snack on it alllll day.

ratatouille can be made here at home. you can miss it.

… I could go on-and-on, but these are your basics. the big thing is that you don’t have to go all haute cuisine. French food, as it’s base, comes from a love of home cooking and the fancy stuff rarely stands up to a meal you could get in a quiet little bistro. the more I know about where you’ll be, the more I can send you to different places. but plan on a lot of picnics in the park – Siene in view – with a handful of cheese, meat, grapes, bread and wine.

am so jealous! have fun.


[email ends]