when I first took off traveling, 13 years ago, my Dad hid a note inside my passport: ‘dear bud, have fun, be careful and remember the four ‘l’s’ – live. love. learn. and leave a legacy.’ so that’s basically what aqueenandcountry is. stories, photos, videos and music from my adventures.

and here’s where I have to talk about myself… okay. well, Aric S. Queen… ugh. I hate writing my own bio – except on OkCupid because I love that shit. anyway, I’m about the luckiest kid you’ll ever meet. at 18, I found myself a dj on Tulsa’s coolest rock station [at the time]. then I moved to Europe. then I moved to China. then I just started moving. I wrote a really good book not too long ago. have also produced small television shows for joints like Current TV; I write for small establishments like National Geographic and Converse. there’s other people I’ve produced and written for, too; UrbanDaddy was one, ChinesePod was another [making Time magazine’s Top 10 list once] and I just finished up a big trip with National Geographic’s Traveler last year. I took that money and bought a bicycle and a tent and spent 10 months riding around Europe and North Africa. came back and signed a 6-episode deal with the BBC – a show called ‘Treasure Hunters’. and b I’m kind of tall, and love sausages, my nephew, and any Corcoran boot made before 1968.

I love Facebook. and I kind of like Twitter. we could be friends there, if you wanted. but only friends…

and then let’s see where it goes.

also – a massive, massive thanks to the people who helped put this together. it’s one thing to find talented folks, it’s another thing to put up with my many, many… let’s call them idiosyncrasies. and for that, I want to say thanks. a bunch to:

Samuel Silverman – who built this. at 17 years of age. seriously.

Sunny Cherme Cooper – who is a sister. but also my editor. and my consigliere.

Shawn Tom – who can do anything. and has.

David Taylor – the most talented creative you’ll ever meet. but spends most his time helping others.

and here’s where I’ve been. where I’m at. etc.


[pink] – pre-2008

[red] – 2008

[blue] – 2009

[yellow] – 2010

[green] – 2011-12

[white] – 2013

[orange] – 2014 – present

[currently in]

North Carolina. getting ready for a big adventure. 

I think that’s all for now. thanks for stopping by. I love you.