a queen and country – show five [from peru]

being stuck in Cusco turned out to be a blessing, as another man with a large collection of records introduced me to sounds I never knew before. obviously, we’ve all heard the odd Andes track, but blues? sacred shaman picks? and – my new favorite… Afro Peruvian funk – a genre that I got so into, I ended up buying 8 albums of. there’s mountain music and assassinated cumbian groups… plus a lot more. and I think I¬†mispronounced¬†‘lackadaisical’, but spend two weeks at 11,200ft, sound this good you will not, hrmph?

enjoy. I did.

1. Susana Baca – Negra Presuntuosa

2. Takillacta – Cuando Florezca El Chuno

3. Papa Chacalon – Poco A Poco

4. Five Spirits [Fredy Ortiz] – Ananau

5. Upcha – Pachamama

6. Derech